SPLM Women League Delegates Visit Torit To Seek Support For Women

The delegates held a meeting with the state governor in Torit. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

During a meeting with Governor Louis Lobong Lojore, the delegates led by Hon. Anisa Achieng appreciated the governor’s role for struggling to contain insecurity cases from escalating among the pastoralists communities.

The delegates said that the SPLM party has a commitment towards realising of peace and stability in the entire country.

They urged the governor to give women a role in bringing peace and the ongoing efforts in the state as women play greater roles in peace building processes.

They said that if women are given a chance to negotiate and take a lead in the peace process among South Sudanese communities, tangible peace and stability can be realized.

Hon. Achieng is a member of parliament at National Council of States in Juba representing the Eastern Equatoria State.

She urged the governor to prioritise support to women in the party as the year progresses.

The governor pledged to work hard in a collaborative manner alongside other state party women leaders to ensure stability in the state.

The governor is also the SPLM Chairperson at the state following the April 2010 elections and the 2008 Party Convention.

The SPLM has been touting states to assess the current structure and organization of the SPLM Women League at all the geographic levels and gauge its efficiency and effectiveness in mobilizing for the democratic participation in the country.

The committee plans to design and implement an assessment tool to review the organization and structure of the existing SPLM women’s league at all geographic levels and identify gaps that may hinder political mobilization and participation.

Dr. Anne Itto, the party Deputy Secretary General said in January that the party is set to hold its extra ordinary national convention aimed at restructuring the party policies.

She said the SPLM standing committees tasked with researching on the different issues to be compiled and transformed into policies have finished consultations with the grassroots and the party has set the convention to kick off in February.

She said key issues to focus on during the conference is the leadership structure of the party and its policies which the government works implements.

Some of the reforms will be on agriculture, education, the economy and other basic services.

SPLM has come under strong public criticism because of the current socio-economic and political situation in the country.

The inter-ethnic conflicts that have left thousands of people killed since the signing of the peace accord in 2005 and the high cost of living, failure in resolving post secession issues with Khartoum are the issues that the party leadership and government is to tackle.

The delegates in Torit included the International Republican Institute Representative Ms. Angela Wambugu.

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