Aweil Youth Urged To Protect Culture

St. Georges Dancers group entertain guest in Aweil. [Abraham Agoth]

Under the theme, ‘Our culture is our identity’, Aweil Graduates Association (AGA) invited greater Bahr el Ghazal leaders for the occasion in Aweil.

Ker Malek Garang, the association chairman has reminded the gathering to preserve their culture.

“Our culture is very important in our lives and should not be replaced. We must be proud of our culture throughout and shall be plagiarized in one way or the other,” he said.

“This is very good idea for the graduates to think of bringing the community together, the government is ready to stand firm in supporting the active youth not lazy ones and that is why I have been eager to make sure that youth take part in my government. You are the leaders of tomorrow and now our time has gone, whoever wants to lead as an active is welcome for replacement in our positions,” said governor Paul Malong.

The invited guests said Aweil is honoured for unity, peace and exemplary conduct.

“Aweil is always united and never fought internal conflict between the tribes, since the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), Aweil never experienced any communal conflict nor cattle rustling. This is why Aweil is rated as the most peaceful state. We shall stand with you for the prevention of any hindrance on your way. To promote your activities and encourage others to join hands with you, I have contributed 10,000 SSP for the graduate’s activities in the state,” said Western Bahr el Ghazal deputy governor Ustaz Morris Yel Akol.

Kuel Aguer Kuel, the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) Assistant Secretary for Financial Affairs in the general secretariat said most of the youth are losing their culture on daily basis.

“The today’s youth are not acquainted with languages, most of them are used to foreign languages, code of dressing and marriage related practices. Our culture should not be lost knowingly. We must protect our culture,” said Aguer.  

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