Yei Commissioner Urges Expatriates To Respect Locals

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Juma David Augustine made this statement during a meeting with the Country Director for Mine Action Group in South Sudan and officials from the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Yei County.

Juma said the meeting was to address the grievances of the local Mine Action Group employees whose contracts came to an end early this year.

The local Mine Action Group Staff reported an abuse by their field Team leader who had been insulting them several times. They made the report to the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission office in Yei River County.

The team leader was alleged to have undermined the education levels of the National Staff and mistreating them at the field site.

Juma said the international Non-Governmental Organizations operating in Yei River County should work hard to create unity among the National and International Staff to avoid conflicts at places of work.

Juma added that the organizations should explain all the clauses contained in the contracts very well to the local Staff to avoid misunderstanding in the program.

Juma urges all the organizations operating in Yei to work hand in hand with the county authorities and have good entry and exit plans to avoid getting into problems with the authorities.

Juma said Yei River County still need the support of Mine Action Group in clearing the planted land mines and other harmful objects in the county.

Juma ordered the Indigenous organizations to submit to his office their profiles, areas of operation and the beneficiaries for monitoring purposes.

The Loca Mine Action Group Staff signed six months’ contracts which are supposed to end 30th June this year but were terminated before time due to the financial challenges that the Mine Action Group is facing at the moment, making the project in Yei to come to stand still.

The employees were given redundancy letters prior to the termination of their contract where some of them could not understand the redundancy letter which sparked off concerns.

The staff at Mine Action Group in Yei had spent three years without having a staff meeting to express their grievances.

Mrs. Linda the Country Director for Mine Action Group in South Sudan said she is struggling hard to get donors to fund the demining programs in South Sudan.

She added that some of the staff refused to sign the acknowledgment of receiving the redundancy letter instead went on leaving the origination assets in the field site refusing to assemble them in one place.

She added that the terminated staffs would be called back to reapply if funds are available in future, adding that the organization uses the policies of internal advertisement. 

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