Police Set Shisha Equipment On Fire

Police burning shisha equipment in Torit town. Several women were also arrested in a combined security operation against Shisha dealings. [Peter Lokale Nakimangole]

Several women were also arrested in a combined security operation against Shisha dealings.

Torit County officials have told Gurtong that the former Torit County Commissioner William Oyet Omoro last year issued a local order to outlaw the commodity.

At least 23 women were charged for unlawful involvement in Shisha business in Torit.

The Torit County Public prosecution attorney John Wani Lad confirmed that the State High Court sentenced each of the women to a fine of 200 South Sudanese pounds or serve a six months prison sentence but were later pardoned after pleading for mercy.

He added that some of the women were widows who do not have any financial help to support their orphaned children while others pleaded that as returnees from Khartoum they were jobless.

The sentencing of the 23 women was the first legal action taken to executing the local order.

According to the order, persons found dealing in Shisha are to face fine of 200 SSP on first conviction and 500 SSP upon second conviction.

In November last year, the State Government confirmed their support to the implementation of the order that prohibits smoking of Shisha in public.

In his order, the former commissioner argued that Shisha as a leisure product is addictive and must be abolished in public places of Torit County.

Oyet also said the county needs additional support from state government as the execution of the order requires a combined effort of all stakeholders including security agencies.

Speaking to the press at the time, the state government spokesperson, Hon. Felix Otuduha Siro welcomed the order, saying it will be profitable to all as it also reduces health risks in the public.

He said the practice encourages idleness among the youth which deprives families of assistance from such people.

In support of the order, the state Public Administration and Internal Affairs Minister Hon. Claudio Suleiman Liling said state does not condone things that contribute to health problems.

The State Health Minister Dr. Margaret Itto Leonardo hailed the commissioner for the order, saying Shisha smoking is a health hazard to human life and pledged to work together with county leadership to promote healthy living.

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  1. This is awful news. Hookah smoking brings different cultures together and communicate. With the advancement in electronic shisha and herbal molasses smoking is now neither addictive or harmful to you and people can relax and smoke on this new form of smoking in the knowledge that this does no harm your body.

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