Social media will never allow Pistorius to forget how to Steenkamp died

While Paralympian Oscar Pistorius mourns over the tragic death of her girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, people using social media seem to be unforgiving. Pistorius has been scorned and abused on the social media where majority holds him responsible for Steenkamp’s death.

“The disregard that is being shown by some – specifically those commenting via social media – for the profound pain that Reeva’s family and friends are going through is very troubling… There is not a moment in the day that Oscar does not mourn for his girlfriend and Reeva’s family, and all those who were close to her, are in his thoughts constantly. Over the past few weeks, Oscar has found comfort in spending time and sharing memories with many of those whom she loved, in surroundings where shared memories were created,” read a statement from Pistorius’ family.

The statement was issued by the family’s media manager, Anneliese Burgess.

“For Oscar, the [grieving] process is incredibly overwhelming as he struggles not only to deal with the manner in which he lost his girlfriend, but also his role in it,” it further read.

One of the comments on social media read: “He shot her four times! He killed her pure and simple! And, guess what, Oscar? The stigma is never going to go away. Whatever the eventual verdict of the court case, you’ll always be the man who shot his girlfriend – and Facebook and Twitter will always remind you of that fact!”

Another one read: “He is always going to be the man who shot his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.”

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