Staples was out of regular staples

Yup, they didn’t have a box of staples in the store but SuperStore did

It isn’t easy to get staples at Staples

Last night I went to Staples to get some staples. A small box will last me years.

Sorry said the nice young man. We don’t have any staples in stock. They did have candy and chocolates at the cash.

It would seem that Staples should have staples like MacDonald’s have hamburgers and Canadian Tire will have tires and batteries.

He sold me a box of heavy-duty staples which of course don’t fit my standard stapler. He did not understand the difference. Maybe it’s been years since he sold a box of staples at Staples.

I could buy a jumbo box of 25,000 staples but not a single box of staples.  He didn’t think I wanted 25,000 staples and he was right.

I will return the wrong staples and maybe they will have the right staples in stock.

UPDATE – we went to the grocery store and got a box of standard staples.

Staples seem to misunderstand their mission statement since they were selling candy and chocolates.

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