We Have Proof Sudan Supports Rebels: Information Minister

Dr. Barnaba Marial, the South Sudanese government spokesperson. [Gurtong | File]

On Friday Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir had boldly told press in Juba that his government does not support rebels terrorizing peace in South Sudan.

“We have lot of evidence that he has been supporting Yau Yau,” Dr. Barnaba Marial South Sudanese government spokesperson said today.

David Yau Yau is currently inflicting serious offenses against government troops and civilians. Last week, a UN convoy was ambushed in Pibor where he was alleged to have shot five UN peace keepers and some six officials.

A UN Security report unveiled last week in Juba on insecurity situation in Jonglei indicated that, Sudan is one of the sources rebels in South Sudan like Yau Yau use to get their bullets.

The report identified Sudan as being one of the countries among some that the rebels get their bullets from. The bullets were collected from ones used by rebels during the numerous attacks launched on both government troops and civilians in Jonglei State.

Small Arm Survey, an independent Swiss research group last week also unveiled a report examining weapons and ammunitions used by rebels in Jonglei State. It says that the weapons and ammunitions showed they were identical to those commonly used by the Sudanese army.

Under the security arrangements of the Cooperation Agreement signed last year in Addis Ababa which compels Sudan and South Sudan to seize from supporting rebels in either country, both countries have committed themselves to desist from the sinister.

President Bashir on Friday said his government is committed to the full implementation of the security mechanism under the deal. However, Marial said; “we will take it with a pinch of salt.”

“May be if he has now decided to stop that support then we will see as the time goes along till when we will be convinced in our right time,” Marial added.

Both countries have repeatedly accused each other of supporting rebel activities and denied.

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