Expired Goods Are Set On Fire In Aweil

Officials point at an assortment of expired good being dumped in Yei in February 2013. Last year the Ministry of Commerce and Investment set up a framework for quality control in South Sudan. [Gurtong| File]

Aweil Municipality Town Mayor, Hon. Debek Atak Longar had issued a decree for market inspection which managed to seize some expired goods.

The three day-inspection activity seized 360 bottles of shisha, 169 bags of flour, 13 cartons of biscuits, 13 bags of sugar and13 bags of cowpeas beans many other goods respectively.

“There was an inspection of goods that has been ongoing for two days now that managed to seize some various quantity of expired goods and other restricted or prohibited goods in the market. This is done in line with protecting the public health and to reduce social crimes as it makes people more overwhelmed,” Atak discloses.

Aweil Town Municipality issued a decree late January this year banning the smoking of the Shisha in Aweil Town which was also implemented in Aweil North County. Police were said to have been deployed together with security agents for inspection of implementation of this order.

Among the expired goods, most of the records were found to be from foreign traders who seem not to be caring for somebody’s health but money since their children are not here in South.

The government officials since November discussed at the various forums including council of ministers and assembly brought up a decision of preventing shisha from growing as a real business.

Atak says anyone who shall be found still making or taking shisha will face the law. In reference to reasons of banning, Atak says most of people use shisha are using it for negative impact.

“Smoking of the Shisha has been used as a model to the people. You can get people are smoking in group, young children and pregnant mothers are smoking in grouping which is harmful to their lungs, that is why we stopped this shisha. It has been mixed with opium. Of which we are not allowed to be used in the public,” he warned.

Authorities at the town council say since January, the tense for banning has up but still being hidden and smoked by users regardless of consequences incurred. They moved in the town and around the villages within Aweil, but many who make life out of Shisha don’t agree with the idea.

Hundreds still say the idea renders them joblessness.

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