Agricultural Bank For South Sudan

Members of the South Sudan National Parliament at a previous session. [Gurtong]

The Bill was sent back from the office of the President for further scrutiny after the parliament had previously approved it.

Key issues on debate in the Bill included recruitment and appointment of the management of the bank.

While some MPs saidthe management should be appointed by the President others said it should be recruited on competency based on merit.

Agriculture Minister Betty Achan Ogwaro and some MPs however, proposed that the Chairperson of the Board of Directors be appointed by the President but the Managing Director and the DeputyManaging Director be recruited based on competency as they are the people charged with managing the affairs of the bank.

The Board of Directors will have eleven members who will include a Chairperson, Managing Director, DeputyManaging Director and other eight members. Six of the members in the board will be from the government and four others from the private sector.

Minister Achan said the approval of the Bill will now allow the bank to operate fully.

“The Agricultural Bank will provide farmers with financial services through loans, improving infrastructural development and taking services to the rural areas”, she said.

Experts say South Sudan has immense agricultural potential although critical challenges such as poor roads, inaccessible financial institutions and underdeveloped technology have slowed down the sector.

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