Citizens Call For Improved Service Delivery

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Dozens called for improvement in security sector, avoidance of tribalism and maintaining the unity of the people.

In an interview held by Gurtong during the marking of the independence anniversary, the citizens above all called others to be patient and calm over the challenges marring the development of the fledgling nation.

South Sudanese artist Menny Men of the Koozos Clan said government should listen to the citizens’ voices in a bid to derive good mechanisms of governance.

“You can not manage people if you don’t listen to them,” Men told Gurtong. He called for South Sudanese to remain patient.

Jesus Deng, a South Sudanese youth called for government commitment to improve governance on security, tribalism and corruption. He also called for spirit of patriotism among the citizens.

“This country will remain but one day all of us will die. And if this country will remain we should do something that will keep the coming generation to enjoy. I would also urge South Sudanese to remain loving and peaceful and there should be no war,” Deng told Gurtong.

Other several voices had advocated for the same need.

South Sudan after it gained independence in 2011 just months later faced critical challenges with challenging ones in areas of economy and security.

Last Tuesday South Sudan marked its second independence anniversary with thousands of citizens turned to the public venues to demonstrate their patriotism to the nation that came to existence after decades of war with the Khartoum regime.

President Salva Kiir though promised a number of reforms which are yet to be realized. 

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