South Sudanese Traders Urged To Acquire More Education

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Yambio County Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Hezekiah Phillip has said that very few of his registered business people are educated and he is worried because some of the traders are being cheated in Uganda and other countries due to lack of business transaction language.

“We also have a very progressive achievement of having 65 businessmen and 46 business women who have taken the initiative of our governor to go back to school because we have suffered, a business man would say, take my balance instead of give my balance in Kampala,” Phillip said.

He further said he is still encouraging more men and women to register in the evening adult classes.

Philip called upon the state government to improve on the market economy policy to safeguard the local traders so that they can benefit from the free market economy.

Victor Elisa, a trader in Yambio County said he started his business in 2006 after completing secondary school in 2004 and has been running well but he lacked business knowledge and decided to go back to school to at least gain some knowledge on how to handle the little capital he has.

Elisa urges the other traders to gain education as it does not discriminate whether one is old or young.

He said the major challenge facing business people in Yambio is communication as some of them visit Uganda for trade but they have to hire a translator which increases on their expenses.

“First of all if you don’t have knowledge you will not manage your business and education is not only meant for managing the business or for working in government office, even if you are a farmer, even if you are pastoralist you should have that knowledge for proper management of whatever you have because if you don’t have the knowledge how will you calculate, how will you know the advantage or
disadvantage of what you are doing,” says Chol Manyuat who started his business in 2002.

He has joined Mikese University in Yambio to study business administration which he says will push him to an international level.

He urges the state government to encourage the commercial banks to give loans to people with business capability and land titles.

Manyuat calls for guidelines or regulations that can control international traders who mostly operate in wholesale or retail to allow the small business people prosper.

Very few of the business people in the country have little business knowledge with only one third of them who having attained secondary education.

Western Equatoria State is not exceptional with the massive campaign launched to encourage residents to gain education.

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