President Kiir Appoints New Cabinet, VP Post Still Vacant

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The cabinet features several new faces with some government officers being elevated.

The president also issued another decree appointing 10 deputy bringing the total number of ministers and deputies to 29.

Following dissolution of the national cabinet and sacking of the vice President Dr. Riek Machar last week on Tuesday, the president had only appointed Dr. Barnaba Marial as the new Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister.

Marial has not been sworn in.

The president had called upon all citizens and parties to be patient and continue to trust his leadership as he led wide consultative process to fill the lean cabinet.

On Friday Kiir met with the 10 state governors explaining to them the dimension of the political development in the country.

Last week he also met heads of 17 political parties in a consultative meeting in which he called on the parties to present suitable candidates for possible appointment to the cabinet.

Partners had called Kiir to have an inclusive cabinet based on the aspiration of the South Sudanese.

It is not clear when the vice-president position will be filled

The following are the names;

1. Kuol Manyang – Defense and Veteran Affairs

2. Aleu Ayeny Aleu- Interior and Wildlife Conservation

3. Obut Mamur – Security Office of President

4. Riak Gai – Health

5. Abdalla Nyial – Electricity, Dams and Water Resources

6. Stephen Dhieu – Mining and Petroleum, and Industry

7. Jema Nunu Kumba – Land, Housing and Physical Planning

8. Martin Elia Lomuro – Cabinet affairs

9. Tellar Ring – Justice

10. Agrey Tisa – Finance, Commerce and Economic Planning

11. Michael Makwei – Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunication and Postal Services

12. Simon Mijok Mijak -Transport, Road and Bridges

13. Rebecca Joshua – Deputy Minister Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunication and Postal Services

14. Awut Deng – Gender

15. Ngor Kulang – Youth and Sport

16. Kong Danhier – Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development

17. Beda Machar Teng – Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism and Animal Resources and Fisheries

18. John Gier Tong – Education, Science and Technology 

19. Marial Benjamin Barnaba- Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

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