Waste Disposal In Neighbourhoods Condemned

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The minister recommends a project to implement cleanup campaigns especially in areas where waste management like in Torit market is practically absent to enable the state to safeguard environmental safety to avoid health hazards.

The Minister has advised traders across the state to exercise responsibility by executing proper system of garbage collection and disposals with an aim to accomplish health system which subsequently leads to health protection.

She recommends that a well-planned, well-executed and controlled cleaning and sanitation programme for environments is very important to achieve a hygienic standard.

The Minister notes that in order to assure a sufficient hygienic standard, the practice must be carried out in an optimal manner to guarantee a complete hygienic standard as she recommends collecting garbage into bags instead of littering anywhere in towns.

She appeals to state residents to properly manage waste as diseases affect people in the state which could only be prevented by keeping the surroundings clean.

On behalf of the state, Dr Itto registers her profound gratitude to the participating partners in cleanup campaigns which joined the state youth groups.

However, health Experts have advised the South Sudanese public that concentrated effort on cleanliness and sanitation alone will not assure a hygienic standard in production where process hygiene as well as personal hygiene are important factors.

The experts cite removal of solid waste to allow sufficient space in neighbourhoods and along institutions or markets with well-planned working routines, may assure a better cleaning standard.

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