Governor Consulting To Downsize Cabinet

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Lobong briefed his cabinet along with Chairpersons of the State Commissions that a move to downsize his government ministries and commissions is now underway as final consultations are being put in place.

Although he is expected to trim the current government which comprises of 14 Ministries and about six Commissions, Lobong clarified that his plan will maintain inclusiveness taking into consideration women and ethnic representations.

The present Director of Press and acting Deputy Secretary General for the Government of Dr. Joseph Abulemoi who spoke to Gurtong shortly after the key meeting at Hotel Torit said the reasons behind the reduction is to save money in order to enable the government to deliver services to the people.

The governor urged the Cabinet that they should work hard to ensure maintenance of their loyalties in their respective parties and continue to serve their people.

He additionally encouraged them to support his administration to meet people’s needs and the objectives of the government.

The 10 state governors in South Sudan are set to follow President Salva Kiir’s move and dissolve their respective cabinets in a move to restructure and reduce the governments.

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