Common Humanitarian Fund Releases US $ 33 Million For South Sudan Aid

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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“The money will enable people to receive: clean water and sanitation, education, livelihoods support, healthcare, household items, nutrition, mine clearance and protection. The money will also pay for key logistics and emergency telecommunications in deep field locations,” UN OCHA said.

“The money will help people in South Sudan who have been worst affected by violence, disease and displacement. Our goal is to make sure aid gets to those who need it most and as quickly as possible,” said Toby Lanzer, the UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan said.

Nearly three million people in need of aid in South Sudan are targeted according to the UN OCHA.

Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) on Tuesday has warned of an increasing humanitarian situation in the fledgling country as the rain season peaks up, though saying there is possibility of minimizing the situation with more intervention of agencies.

The CHF is a tool which provides funding for the most urgent priorities for humanitarian action, and ensures that funds are available for rapid response to emergencies. Donors contribute funds over the course of the year for onward allocation to aid agencies at key moments when resources are most needed.

The fund is managed by the Humanitarian Coordinator, with support from an advisory board of donors and UN and NGO representatives. To date this year, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom have all provided generously to the fund.

“With the new allocation of $33 million, the CHF will have channeled around $90 million to NGOs and UN agencies in 2013,” said UNOCHA.

“To date, the CHF has not channeled resources towards food assistance, as the scale of those requirements would have depleted the fund’s resources. Organizations distributing food therefore rely on other funding to meet the needs of the most vulnerable food-insecure.

“Across South Sudan, the World Food Program is helping around 1.7 million people in area of food assistance, but it requires an additional $84 million to be able to reach all of the estimated 2.85 million people it has planned to help this year,” said Lanzer.

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