South Sudan Parliament Split On Vacant Speaker’s Position

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The moment was provoked after parliamentarians saw a different agenda on the paper prepared by the parliament administration.

There were greater expectations to nominate a new Speaker for the House whose position is currently vacant.

Calling it as un-procedural, the continuation of the August House in deliberating on other businesses of the assembly, a pull-rope debate which at one moment rested at hands of lawyers’ continued for over 30 minutes as they tried to deduce the matter.

Hon. Daniel Akot, the Deputy Speaker later on tried and ruled over the matter ousting all sorts of proposals raised to elect a new Speaker before the parliament starts any other business.

“I said this time is for consultations,” Awet told the legislators after the debate cooling down the row.

“The lean government is brought for us to check ourselves,” he blasted MPs as silence spilled over in the House, bringing to control.

“I rule it [debate] out now and I have opened the order of the day,” Awet said.

The move however, was considered completely unprocedural by some of the members.

Hon. K. Mula, a Constitutional lawyer who appeared to be protesting over the ruling walked out immediately after the Speaker ruled out their calls.

Hon. James Wani Igga, the ex-Speaker of the House was last Friday appointed as the new Vice President by President Salva Kiir.

Parliament following, his immediate resignation approved him on Saturday as the newest Vice President.

He was sworn into office yesterday. 

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