9 MPs Reinstated After Being Found Innocent Over Last Year’s Wau Violence

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Hon. Majok said the state Legislative Assembly yesterday returned back their immunities which was waived during their arrest last year.

Makuac urged Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan to forgive the MPs since both are members of the same SPLM party.

“We need state government to look at their conditions since they were in prison for a quite a number of months,” he said.

In December 2012, ten MPs were arrested and spent three months in Wau central prison.

The arrests of the MPs come one week after President Salva Kiir Mayardit in his visit to Wau on 24th December 2012 ordered the security forces to track down those people who were involved in a cold blood killing of 26 people in Farajallah area and also to hunt down those involved in the burning of the country’s national flag in Wau town during the protests.

“Please be advised that we have been informed by the Director’s office of Legal Administration and Public prosecution Attorney that the following Hon. Members have been discharged free in the course of investigation before the public prosecution attorney,” said the letter signed by the state acting speaker Paulino Apinyi Akol and addressed to the legal administration and Public prosecution attorney Western Bahr el Ghazal state dated 2nd September 2013 concerning the status of the members.

The letter also said the state public prosecution attorney found lack of sufficient evidence; therefore, the course of law has entitled them to resume their official duties normally without any hindrance.

The MPs are as follows:-
1. Hon. Hassan Ngor Aguer
2. Hon. Harun Abaker Harun
3. Hon. Samuel Arkangelo Duba
4. Hon. Peter Andal Martin
5. Hon. Florence Fatima Abina
6. Hon. Cirilo Elias Unango 
7. Hon. Helen Juma Suleimen
8. Hon. Maaz Omer Harun 
9. Deputy Speaker Hon. Edward Ukunjeree

The letter also said the members were acquitted before the special court of Wau North with notification that appeal had been submitted before the court of Appeal for Greater Bahr el Ghazal in Rumbek, Lakes state.

Those members including Hon. Hassan Ngor Aguer and deputy state speaker Hon. Edward Ukunjeree.

Makuac said that, the two MPs will continue with their duties normally and if the order of their arrest comes, the assembly will still waive their immunities but the officials recommended that no illegal arrest will be attempted against any MP.

The letter said they are entitled to resume their duties normally in respect of the decision made by the special court.

Meanwhile three MPs, Hon. John Rechard Ukelo, Hon. Julio Vensensio Mango, Hon. Angelo Marchello Faki are serving their two-year jail term on conviction and imprisonment due to their being found guilty with the criminal offense.

The three MPs were last month dismissed by the state governor and replaced immediately.

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