Tor Oil Field Resumes Production

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“We are here today to witness the official commissioning of Tor Oil Field into production since 2012,” Dhieu said.  “The commissioning of this oil field will increase the oil production in Unity State and will also increase the services delivery to the local community.”

The Deputy Governor of Unity State Col. Mabek Lang Mading said the oil companies are not doing enough in terms of service provision in areas such as  roads, schools, health care and safe drinking water.

“When I was the commissioner of Pariang County since 2005 to 2013, there was no sufficient change in terms of benefit to the community. I have not even enjoyed any services from the companies who are operating around,” he said. 

“The companies must provide the necessary services to our people.  The local community should be consulted by so that truth and confidence is built between the local community and the companies.”

The Commissioner of Pariang County Maj. William Deng Ayiei said his area (Pariang) was one of the productive areas of Unity State but because of oil and its impact, it has become non-productive due to pollution.

Chief Nuoy Makuach Deng of Tor also accused the companies of isolating him and his people as he said nobody consults them on oil exploration issues.  “We complained several times to the authorities on issues relating to the oil effect to our health but nobody gives us his ears,” the chief bemoaned.

 “Our youth are not being employed by the companies. They brought people from Juba to work as drivers, cleaners and room boys. What should be our benefit as the people who are directly affected by oil operation?

He urged the government to look into their problem this times, warning that if the government and the oil companies fail to fulfill their demands, the community will seek alternative audience to fight for their rights. 

The people around the oil field are suffering from any known affections caused by contaminated water which is shared by the people and their animals. Although oil production has increased, people living around the oil field have little hope to benefit from their own resources.

Two oil wells of Nar and Tomor South will also be commissioned soon.

The opening of Tor oil field was also attended by Hon. Rebecca Jashua, National Minister of Telecommunication and Postal Services, Hon. Petro Juoy Machar, Acting Speaker, Unity State Legislative Assembly, Eng. Paul Adong Met, Managing Director for NilePet, State Ministers, MPs, Commissioners and other top national and state government officials.

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