Governor To Review New Ministers’ Performance In 100 Days

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The governor said the performance of each ministry will be evaluated within 100 days urging the ministers to execute their duties as servant of the entire community of Western Bahr el Ghazal state.

“After these 100 days it is you and the assembly that will evaluate them, the people and the assembly will appraise the government in which we are; the people will tell us whether these people have achieved what they came for or not,” Rizik Zackaria Hassan said.

Hassan urged each minister on this short period of time to get prepared with work plans and present it before the state Legislative Assembly for debate.

“We this time round should concentrate high to do something which reflect the will of our people as government, we need our ministers at each time to have a work plan on their table,” Hassan said.

However Governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan did not indicated what will happen if minister fail his or her performance within these 100 days.

Other politicians in the state said the move will allow new minister to start up their works plan within the time.

Meanwhile, nine new appointed advisors in Western Bahr el Ghazal state have been sworn in office today with governor calling for a joint effort to stir development.

The new sworn in advisors are as follows:-

1. Ustaz Livio Gelego Bahara, Advisor on Economic and Self Reliance.
2. Captain Kamil Wana Uraj, Advisor on Political Affairs.
3. Brig. Wol Dhel Thiep, Advisor on Security Affairs.
4. Ustaz Andal Wadattalla, Advisor on Essential services Affairs.
5. Mrs.Tereza Zackaria, Advisor on Gender Affairs.
6. Mrs. Monica Sabino Madut, Advisor on Cooperatives.
7. Mr. Ayuel Longar, Advisor on Peace and Reconciliation Affairs.
8. Ustaz Paul Atuk, Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs.
9. Rev. Matio Michael, Advisor on Youth and Sport.

“We have appointed you based on your competence to do more on development and your professional that is why we have allocated each of you to advisor the government on a certain side abased on the state ministers,” governor Rizik told the new advisors.

On behalf of advisors, Ustaz Livio Gelego Bahara, advisor on Economic and Self Reliance, congratulated the governor for trusting them state government advisors.

“Am very happy and only asking almighty God to give us more powers and our SPLM ruling party to strengthen us more to do the best for our citizen,” said Bahara.

Bahara calls for peace progress and tolerance instead of insecurity to achieve development as new nation lacks facilities.

The nine advisors sworn in presence of state governor Rizik Zackaria Hassan, acting state speaker Paulino Apinyi Akol, Justice John Yel, members of state assembly and other distinguish guests in the council of ministers pace hall.

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