Proprietors Urged To Invest In South Sudan Education Sector

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Jacob Lolobi, a representative of the Inspector of Pre-schools for Yei River County told the gathering during the second graduation of the top class nursery school pupils at Royal school International New Site Campus.

Lolobi said the austerity burden in the country has handicapped the government in providing more education services to the citizens in the country, adding that the government education system “education for all” which has no limit on the number of pupils or students to be admitted per class room.

He said each class room is supposed to accommodate 45 pupils only for effective learning, but today a class room accommodates 70-80 pupils per class which produces raw results at the end of the academic year.

He recognized the efforts invested by the proprietors of the private schools in opening up private schools which supplement the public schools in the provision of quality education to the children in Yei River County and the country at large.

He added that according to the yearly nursery, primary and secondary schools results in the county, private schools are overshadowing the public schools results just because of the quality services they offer to the children in the classes.

He encouraged those individuals who are planning to open up private schools to follow the right procedures, adding they must first plan well, legally acquire sufficient piece of land, human resource, capital, and register with the government and then officially begin operating to avoid land conflicts with the community.

Faustino Aligo Taligi, the area Executive chief of Jansuk Boma in Yei Municipality encouraged the parents to join hands together with schools management committee, teachers and the proprietors of the schools to boost education in the county.

He appreciated those individuals who gave land for the establishment of the schools and encouraged the rest of the community members to do so rather than blocking the establishment of the schools which educate our children.

Faustino also urged the parents/guardians to be security conscious by identifying who their neighbors are and the new arrivals in the area to avoid cases of theft and witchcraft in the areas.

Mutto Robert, the Acting Director of Royal School International encouraged the parents/guardians to turn up for school management meetings whenever called upon, adding most a time parents do not come for meeting when invited.

He said meetings help both the parents and the school management committee to discuss how the schools should run and how to improve the gaps in the running of the school.

He urged the community to own the administration of the school rather than calling the school in the name of the proprietor, adding the proprietor of the school does not have a relatives nor a child studying in this school, people should not call it “ Lobure’s School” the name of the founder.

He thanked all the parents for the peaceful coordination between them and the school administration this term compared to the previous terms where some parents got into conflicts with the school administration.

He encouraged such spirit of solving problems amicably to continue growing.

This year, Royal School International New Site Campus has graduated 73 pupils from top class to a primary one class which commences in 2014.

Nursery education is an education level which is being neglected by many parents today in South Sudan.

Some look at it as waste of money, preferred sending their children direct to primary one level, but some few parents have realized the importance of a child attending nursery education which lays an importance education foundation to the child before joining primary level.

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