Juba Auxiliary Bishop On Pastoral Tour

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Bishop Laku has revealed that his visit follows a request by the Catholic Diocese of Torit Apostolic Administrator Monsignor Thomas Oliha.

As a result, he was then assigned to the current state of his residence with an aim to pray with the region and specifically to ordain a seminarian to a deacon in Kapoeta Parish, in Kapoeta Catholic Mission Church, Kapoeta South County.

Bishop Laku is expected to conduct an ordination of the seminarian Lomodo Moses to a deacon in Kapoeta South Catholic Mission Church tomorrow.

Laku revealed his presence in the region plays a role as he has been preaching on peace and love from the Archdiocese of Juba.

Accompanied by a team includes religious Brother John Bosco and a number of youth from Juba.

Bishop Laku describes the visit as a mission of solidarity and love to the Catholic Diocese of Torit.

He stresses that conducting the ordination is assign of service as Holy Father is the servant of servants; saying to become a deacon is to be the servant of the people.

Bishop Laku stated that ordination is a sacrament of Church of Jesus Christ.

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