Sudanese Traders Flee Violence In Bentiu

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The Sudanese businessmen mainly from Western Darfur region had fled Unity state after anti-government forces loyal to South Sudan former vice president Dr. Riek Machar were this week flashed out by government forces.

The businessmen were on Wednesday received by Western Bahr el Ghazal state government and settled at Wau Alib Boys’ Secondary School.

Speaking to Gurtong at Wau Alib Boys’ Secondary School, which hosts more than 500 IDPs, Abdarariq Gamar Mohamed one of the Sudanese special committee members in Wau said many of their people fleeing Unity state fighting are still along the way coming to Wau.

“Since these people arrived yesterday in Wau, it is only we the sons from Darfur just helping them with food and medical facilities though the state government has yesterday promised to assist us with any help,” Mohamed said.

He said the businessmen arrived in Wau with nothing as they have lost all their goods.

“We have lost all our properties, they were all looted by the rebels in Bentiu town when they first captured the town before government forces recaptured it after a week,” Kalil Ibarahim Hassan said.

He said they were also attacked by the rebels on the way and some were kidnapped.

He urged humanitarian organization them get back to Darfur as they have lost all their belongings.

“We were in South Sudan for business purposes and if the security in South Sudan is not giving a conducive atmosphere then we have to leave the country,” he said.

The business said they have lost all their travel documents which makes it difficult for to travel.

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