Western Equatoria Exams Start

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

The exercise was launched today at Yabongo Girls’ Day School by Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro.

The governor told the pupils that they are privileged to have peace adding that it is that peace that has enabled them to do their examinations.

“Your fellow brothers and sisters in Jonglei and Upper Nile states have not been able to do their exam due to the current crisis in the country,” Bangasi noted.

Governor further appealed to the pupils not to panic because it will lead to poor performance of most students.

“I don’t want anybody to start panicking this is the same exams you have been doing so take your time and tackle those questions carefully,” he added.

The state Minister of General Education and Instructions Pia Philip disclosed that there is an increase in the number of pupils who have registered this year compared to 2013 where they had 1,800 pupils across the state and now they have 2,020.

The number of girls increased to 606 and the boys are 1,500.

The government had earlier promised to give capitation grant to the children but
with the current crisis in the country, the minister said they will continue to charge registration fee from lower primary.

It will cost Five South Sudanese Pounds in lower primary with the upper classes being charged 10 SSP.

The minister said the purpose of this collection is just to support the teaching as the money is to buy chalks, books and other items.

The examination will run for two days.

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