National Security Custodians Fairer Than CID’s: Former Inmate

Inmates [File]

The five youth arrested include, Rolando Kau Maker, Monyde Manyang, Meen Matur, Marier Mabany, Johnson Madol Andrew and Macieth Makur.

They were allegedly arrested on the orders of the State military caretaker Governor Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol but he denies.

A Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer however said the arrest of the youth was under the instruction of the of the state governor

One of the detainees spoke to press on Friday, saying they were not given any bedding.

“There was good cooperation between us and NSS prison officers.  They treated us better than when we were under the custody of the CID for 24 hours before our transfer to NSS,” he said. “Our families were allowed to visit us as well as friends.”

The reason for their detention remains unclear as they were later released without any charges. The governor accuses those against him of being supporters of former Vice President Riek Machar.

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