White Army Urged To Stop War With The Government

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Hon. Gai L. Ngundeng, the Chairman of Ngundeng Historical Society in a press release urged all Nuer White Army not to fight an elected government for the interests of some politicians.

Gai said the Prophet’s family leadership has seen some politicians using Ngundeng’s name to easily mobilize youth to fight a political war,   warning the family will launch a legal action against politicians who are distorting the prophecies to suit their interests.

“It has been observed that certain politicians used the name of prophet Ngundeng as a means to mobilize the Nuer youth to fight a political war,” Gai said in a press statement.  The leader pointed out that his grandfather Ngundeng, a pronounced Nuer leader was a prophet of peace.

“The family would like to inform the people of South Sudan, and the international community, that Ngundeng was a prophet of peace who never targeted any tribe in South Sudan,” he said.

“Prophet Ngundeng had never launched a war against anybody or a tribe in South Sudan during his life time. He always preached peace and the unity of the black people against external invasion of Arabs and Turks.”

According to Gai, a political rivalry within the SPLM party has nothing to do with prophet Ngundeng and it is very alarming and disturbing that certain politicians used the name of the prophet to recruit innocent children to take part in a war that was “politically motivated.”

“The distortions of Ngundeng’s prophecies disturbed the family of the prophet that it is now contemplating taking legal actions against certain politicians who are abusing the name of the prophet Ngundeng,” he said.

The Mid-December internal power struggle within the ruling SPLM party degenerated into internal armed conflict pitting armed loyalists of President Kiir and his former deputy Machar against each other.

President Kiir called it a “coup attempt” but Machar denied it, saying it is a ploy to eliminate critics. Dr. Machar and his followers however accuse president Kiir of dictatorship, saying they want a democratic South Sudan government for which they are fighting.

The conflict quickly spread to Bor, Bentiu, Malakal and the latest in Tonj North county of Warrap state. It has worsened the humanitarian challenges in the country as almost 900,000 people have been displaced and are in dire need of assistance.

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