Army Unit To Receive Tractors For Subsistence Farming

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The pledge was made by the National Crises Management Committee’s (CMC) delegation to the state.

Addressing the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in the area, the head of National CMC to NBGS Hon. Kom Kom said they have been delegated by the president to go to all 10 states of the county to assess humanitarian situation on ground.

The visit also involved mapping places most affected by the recent crises within the country and how best the committee can work to address the challenges.

Kom also said the other objective is to help unite people of different tribes particularly Nuer and Dinka following what the committee ‘termed as misperception of internal conflict of power hungry politicians.

The team says that their overall objective is to make it clear that their mission is to unite southerners irrespective of tribes and political affiliations.

While conveying the president’s message, Kom said the soldiers in every part of the country will receive three month-salary accompanied by hardship allowances.

“I have thought of supplying your division with 12 farming tractors, three at Majok Nyinthiou, three at Warguet, three at Wun-yiik and other three at Kiir-Adem barracks respectively,” said Kom.

He however didn’t specify whether the tractors are also on ground in the state or will be followed later. Among the gifts announced to the soldiers also included over 60 bulls and many others.

The division’s deputy head Ruai Tap confirmed the army’s commitment and readiness to protect the territory of South Sudan, the constitution and legitimate government.

“We as soldiers, our aim is to protect the national territory,” said Ruai.  “We are here to protect the legitimate government according to our constitution but not someone that likes to grab power by force.

“We are the soldiers of the nation not any politician who wants to scam citizens. We are militias of governor Malong as the rumours say everywhere.” 

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