Warrap State Authority: 150 Rebels Killed

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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More than ten AK47 rifles have been seized from the rebels.

Warrap State Acting Minister of Information and Telecommunication Paul Dhel Gum, in a press release said: “On the 16th February 2014, the outlawed rebel forces attacked Tonj East County killing two civilians and wounded one.”

“Thousands of cattle were raided but the youth and organized forces pursued them and killed more than 150 rebels, seized 15 AK47 rifles and returned all the raided cattle.”

According to the government mouthpiece, on 17th February 2014, a similar attack took place in Akop payam where seven civilians were killed and 16 others were wounded.

’’The attackers were using heavy weapons and artilleries against the civilians. However, the SPLA and police forces were deployed in the area and they repulsed them (rebels) leaving behind a big number of rifles and dead people within their combat forces backed by pastoralists,” he added.

He called upon all the youth in the six counties of the state to rise up to protect their land, properties and integrity of the nation.

He said the government will do all the possible to ensure the citizens are protected and are secure from the militias who are there to destruct, loot and kill innocent civilians.

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