Thousands Of Participants Turned Up For Peace Conference

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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About 5000 people turned up for a community peace conference Kalkuel town in Tonj South. Three commissioners of three counties of Greater Tonj District
were in the conference identifying issues around the increasing insecurity in Tonj Region.

William Wol Mayom, the Commissioner of Tonj South County, said that about 5,000 people are participating in the conference, which he described as “successful gathering”.

Wol said they have been ready for Greater Tonj peace conference, scheduled to take place last Saturday, since October 15 when it was first cancelled due to floods, which affected the area and poor roads connections.

Warrap State Governor, Nyandeng Malek, was also in the conference with state Speaker, Hon. Moses Madoot. 

Information Minister, Paul Dhel Gum, revealed that the conference was opened by the Presidential Advisor, Hon. Tor Deng Mawien, accompanied by the Minister for Environment, Hon. Deng Deng Hoch; the two had been at the conference scene on Saturday, November 15.

Tor opened the conference representing the South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit who was invited to attend; but delegated his advisor for Peace and Decentralization Tor Mawien to do that on his behalf.

The conference is said to have attracted the participants from the neighbouring Lakes and West Bahr el Ghazal states. 

“We have five thousand attendants among them a number of traditional chiefs and intellectuals, plus government representatives at various levels. Those of Louis Anei Kuendit, Uncle Bol Madut and many morehave come. We say all that about 2000 people flew in from outside the state while over 3000 people came from within Warrap State. It is really
a big event,” Gum said.

While the peace conference is being conducted at home; members of the community in Melbourne, Australia, are also conducting the same gathering at their level over there.  Since 15 November, a lot of cultural activities and shows have been presented.

Hon. Wol welcomed the entire conference guests, assuring them that the County is normal and pledging to provide security to all visitors. He said Tonj town is secured and the participants would not be interfered with.

He said that traditional chiefs across the region have successfully attended the conference which is expected to draft resolutions.

The Commissioner advised communities, cattle keepers, chiefs and leaders to cooperate as brothers and sisters during the conference.

Three Commissioners of Greater Tonj who attended the conference are Marko Awuoc of Tonj North, Madhol Chol Thuc of Tonj East and William Wol Mayom of Tonj South Counties. It was identified that cattle rustling, girl elopement and revenge killings were in the top list of insecurity in Greater Tonj Region.

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