Kiir Inaugurates New Military Ward, Warns Of External Plot

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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President Salva Kiir Mayardit today (Friday) inaugurated a newly-built ward for SPLA officers in Girda Main Barracks in an effort to improve the condition and treatment of wounded soldiers.

Brig. Gen. Majier Deng Kur, the team leader at SPLA Medical Corp, appreciated president Kiir for having supported the building as well as gracing the occasion.

“The idea of building this ward came about when we were visiting the wounded heroes in a military hospital. What we saw was shocking. It was very sad to see our colleagues being admitted in tents that are expose to dangerous infections. This was more risking their lives from wounds they sustained in the fighting.”  Brig. Gen. Majier Deng explained.

Gen. Majier appreciated President Salva Kiir for the firm commitment to peaceful settlement of the national crisis, promotion of unity and solidarity of South Sudanese people.

“Your Excellency, this horrible scene moved me to talk to officers and all other workers under my command, urging them to contribute to this project. I responded and contributed 600, 000 SSP for three consecutive months with each officer contributing 1000 SSP and 200 SSP for the rest of the cost and workers from the per diem for three months,” Majier explained.

He also said that it was made possible by reducing their overhead expenses such as fuel, services and officefurniture, such that the building could be constructed in shorter time.

“But this building could not have been raised without the support of the Minister of Defense and Veteran Affiars Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk, who availed some money to hire two trucks for transportation of building materials from Kenya and Uganda,” he said.

He also applauded the role played by the SPLA Chief of Gen Staff Paul Malong Awan for bringing water and sand to the construction site that helped in quick construction of the building. Majier also applaud the role played by one businessman, Maker Gai, for contributing 100,000 SSP for the furnishing of the ward.

This ward has now given birth to other three wards donated by brother Marial Majwet Akuei, who promised to contribute to the construction of two more wards. “He did not stop there but he also went ahead and mobilized some forex bureaux to pledge to build another one ward” he said. “So we will have another three wards.

“This ward was born out of a contribution from Chief of Staff and Maj. Gen. Marial Chanuong,” he said.

“Building the nation is a continues, never ending journey. We are doing this from our own believe that what we fought for is not yet achieved. Our expectations and aspirations as officers are based on whatever services we should give to our poor and needy people, not about what should enter into our accounts.

“We are doing this not because we want to ingratiate others but because we feel it is an obligation for what we fought for in the last 22 years. We will not stop here but we shall do more when opportunities avail themselves,” he concluded.

In his statement, President Kiir said, “We are trying our best to end the fighting, because we don’t want to fill the hospitals with wounded soldiers. I asked the management of the hospital about the number of patients here and I was told they are over 1,888 patients,” President Kiir explained to the gathering.

The President further reassured the gathering that the on-going war is not between Dinka and Nuer. “This is not a conflict between the Dinka and the Nuer as Riek always claimed. This is about power but let us work together for peace.” He said.
Kiir also told the soldiers to be aware of world’s plot to put government (of South Sudan) under UN and that soldiers must be ready to do what they do.

“Whenever, we reach an agreement that we should sign, the mediators imposed recess and consultationsholiday on negotiators. And that is why peace talks have taken so long,” he said.

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