Communities Grumble Over Supplies At Malakal IDP Camp

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Two ethnic communities living at the Malakal UNMISS camp for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are at loggerheads over alleged sabotage in supply of essential commodities.

Relationship between members of the Nuer and Shilluk ethnic communities have been tense since last month’s clash at the camp in which three people were killed and more than 11 wounded.

Members of the Nuer community have accused their Shilluk counterparts of blocking essential food and commodity supplies, saying there are now living in deplorable conditions.

As a result of the animosity, the two communities have now been separated by the UNMISS authorities and now live in different centres at the civilian protection camp.

However, according to sources at Malakal the market centre has been relocated to the Shilluk side, leaving the Nuer with nowhere to get commodities, a situation that has contributed to the grumbling and violence at the camp.

Last week UNMISS forces quelled renewed clashes pitting the Nuer youthand their Shilluk counterparts.

A source at the camp told Gurtong that the location has been experiencing recurrent clashes where several people have been wounded.

“The situation is so bad here that we are not even getting both food and non-food supplies.  This has made our life very difficult. Additionally, aid workers who attempt to bring us supplies are being attacked”, said an IDP from the Nuer community at the camp.

In February this year ten people were killed following a similar clash between the two communities at the camp that hosts over 21, 500 IDPs who fled Malakal town.

The security situation at the IDP camps in South Sudan has been deteriorating, with clashes reported last month in Kakuma, Malakal and Juba pitting different ethnic communities.

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