Governor Konga Condemns Abduction Of Children In Central Equatoria

Central Equatoria State Governor, Clement Wani Konga has condemned the abduction of 75 children from his state.

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA 19th JUNE 2015 [Gurtong]-Governor Konga who spoke during a news conference at the state secretariat on Thursday accused the Dinka Bor and Murle cattle raiders of abducting children from Central Equatoria State.

“Of recent abduction of children has started and this started as a result of cattle rustling within Jonglei. When I asked the Murle people why they did so they say the Dinka people go and raid their cattle so they follow and come and raid from them also.”
“After the cattle raiding, they took children from Gemeza, Mangalla, Lokiri Payam of Central Equatoria state” he added.
He also said that some children were abducted from Lanya County.

Hon. Mary Apai Ayiga, Central Equatoria State Minister of Gender Child and Social Welfare told Gurtong that the total abducted is from 2013 to 2015.

“These children range from four to five years old of age. I wonder how they really think badly like that” said Apai. “Some of the children were abducted on their way to schools and this is a big challenge.”

Governor Konga said that South Sudan is facing a challenge of cattle rustling.

“The greatest threat to the Republic of South Sudan is the issue of cattle rustling, we have lost a lot of lives here in Juba, in Mundri and Maridi’s recent clashes” he said.

The Governor also cited presence of cattle rustling in Eastern Equatoria.

Konga appreciated President‘s call, ordering all cattle keepers who are not originally from the  Equatoria states to leave with their cattle to their homes of origin.

“I call upon the people of Equatoria to let the constituted committee to escort these cattle to their areas of origin” he said.

“We cannot destroy the Republic of South Sudan because of cows. God gave us cows to eat not to rule over us but some of us don’t think so. Let us respect, love, pay allegiance to the Republic of South Sudan but not to fight” he said.

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