Commissioner Applauds President Kiir For Commitment In The SPLM Reunification Agreement

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Commissioner for Warrap’s Tonj South County has applauded President Kiir, for implementing the Arusha Declaration that allows different factions of the SPLM party to reunify and bring peace to the country.

William Wol Mayom, Tonj South County Commissioner [Photo| Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

TONJ, 14 July 2015 [Gurtong] – Hon. William Wol Mayom said that the decision made by President Kiir shows the world that the current conflict in South Sudan is raged on the local population but not at the interest of the top leadership in the country.

The Commissioner explained that the reinstatement of Pagan Amum is not a bad compromise but a clear message to the region that Salva Kiir is a man of peace.

“I have taken my initiative to explain to my communities and the public who turned out for the 4th anniversary of our independence in Tonj town. I told them that it is a positive and a courageous decision that can only be taken by a man of peace,” he said.

“We are very happy that this year we have celebrated with our brothers, the former political detainees (SPLM-FPDs). The reinstatement program that has seen Mr. Pagan Amum Okiech being sworn-in as the party’s Secretary General was not a simple decision but a courageous one. It means that our President is after peace and unity of South Sudanese,” Wol stated.

Mr. Wol urged the rebels’ SPLM faction to turn up for the implementation of the Arusha Declaration in order to solve the current war situation within the country’s leadership.

The ongoing South Sudan’s conflict began as a political squabble between President Kiir and his sacked Vice President Mr. Riek Machar over who would control the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement party in 2013; with government afterward, accusing Machar of staging a coup attempt against President Kiir’s administration in December 2015.

The South Sudanese SPLM factions in Arusha, Tanzania have agreed to reunify the party and that, members will be reinstated into their previous positions and their bank accounts unfrozen as part of the agreement’s implementation.

During the 4th anniversary of South Sudan, seven members of the former political detainees known as G10 including Mr. Pagan Amum attended the celebration in Juba together with President Kiir.

“I personally urged Riek Machar to come back to the country. Our differences will be solved at home. This war is only destroying our infrastructure and killing our innocent citizens without reasons. There is no reason for Dr Riek to continue fighting against the government instead immediately turning up for SPLM’s Arusha Agreement,” Wol said.

The South Sudanese conflict has claimed lives of tens of thousands people and about 2.5 million others being displaced within and without the country, most of whom live in the UNMISS based camps under dire conditions, according to agencies’ reports.  

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