China blamed for stealing U.S technology

American house of Intelligence Committee Chairman has blamed Chinese authorities of carrying out an astonishing operation cyber spying in order to gather highly confidential and important U.S industrial secrets.

Michigan Republican Chairman Mike Rogers said” Chinese efforts to steal U.S. technology via the Internet have reached an “intolerable level,” he urged the United States and its partners to force china to bring to a halt this act.

On Tuesday at a committee hearing, Mike Rogers accepted that it is tricky to spot with confidence the foundation of the extremely sophisticated, well-financed cyber infringement that have violated the defenses of major U.S. industries in years gone by.

But he said there is little reservation among cyber security specialists that the Chinese government is behind much of what he called cyber “piracy.”

Rogers further added” Beijing is waging a massive trade war on us all, and we should band together to pressure them to stop, there are more companies that have been hit that won’t talk about it in the press, for fear of provoking further Chinese attacks, attributing this espionage isn’t easy, but talk to any private sector cyber analyst, and they will tell you there is little doubt that this is a massive campaign being conducted by the Chinese government,”

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