China and Vietnam take important measures to decrease South China Sea tensions

On Wednesday China and Vietnam took vital steps and agreed on many important things in order to reduce tension originating from South China Sea. The sea has become a constant source of friction between the two countries over their rival claims to islands and undersea minerals.

Both the countries have decided to hold dialogues twice in a single year to resolve their issues, and they talked about plans of establishing a hot line between the two nations to address any disagreements more efficiently.

The signing of the agreement took place in Beijing between Zhang Zhijun Foreign Minister of China and his counterpart from Vietnam Ho Xuan Son. According to an English translation of the text released by the Vietnamese government, it calls for the two sides to seek “basic and long-term solutions for sea-related issues, in the spirit of mutual respect, equal and mutually beneficial treatment,”

South China Sea tension between China and Vietnam increased largely last year as disparaged efforts by the United States to help Southeast Asian nations form a common position on the issue. The United States sought to avoid allowing China to use its greater economic and political weight in a series of separate, bilateral discussions with the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, plus informal talks with Taiwan.

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