Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017: SWOT Analysis of Bahujan Samaj Party


Significant support among Dalits

Strong support among poor and lower class

Mayawati tallest woman leader with ears on the ground

Cadre based party with each seat having 20-30,000 dedicated voters

Decent support amongst Muslims and Brahmins (c.20% each)

Strong presence across all seven regions of the state


Exodus of senior leaders like Maurya, Chaudhary and Pathak

Allegations of demanding cash for tickets has hurt image

Too much reliance on Mayawati and no significant second rung leadership

Failure to stitch alliance with AIMIM / other smaller parties

Rigid, Inflexible leadership, Over confidence


To form govt. in the state after 5 years

Win cements Maya’s position as the champion of Dalits / Poor and propels her nationally vs Modi

Family feud and infighting in SP provides it an opportunity to project that BSP is better placed to defeat BJP

Poor law and order situation in the state, people still recall her tenure when she took on goondaraj (Ansari episode may dilute this a bit)

Garner support from upper castes who are unhappy with excessive OBC dominance in BJP

Consolidate Dalits-Muslim votebank accounting for 40% of population


Alliance between SP-INC

Consolidation of Muslim votes in favour of SP-INC alliance

Loss of whatever upper caste votes BSP has to BJP

Loss of non-Jatav support to BJP

Public preference for same govt. in state and center

High popularity rating of Akhilesh vs Maya

Sympathy for Akhilesh in family feud and shift of focus away from shortcomings of his govt.

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