Rahul’s goal: Improving UP

Rahul Gandhi declared in his elections campaign that he is not interested or “obsessed” to become the Prime Minister. He insisted his goal is to improve the quality and standard of living in Uttar Pradesh for long term development.

He said that the population of UP has been fooled for more than two decades by different governments and its time someone takes a stand for their innocence and stops them from being exploited. He also criticized L K Advani, BJP leader, for corruption cases in Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand, Karnataka, and Punjab.

Rahul Gandhi’s sister, Priyanka made a comment yesterday saying that her brother is fit to become the Prime Minister of India. Rahul expressed that he is obsessed with changing UP only, which is why he has been campaigning in UP so aggressively.

“All the political leaders in India, all the top ones, have an obsession with prime ministership. This is not Rahul Gandhi’s obsession. I have another obsession. I want to correct the way we have been working in this state, I believe it is a monumental crisis not to hear to the voice of the people. I don’t have any major strengths. All I have is that some people in this country believe in me. Even if one per cent of the people in UP believe in us, that will be good for me,” said Rahul Gandhi.

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