SC will not let go until the government writes letter to the Swiss authorities

The intra-court hearing of the appeal filed by the lawyer of the Prime Minister is taking place today since morning. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been asked to show up at the apex court in regards to contempt of court on 13th February.

Barrister Aitzaz Ahsen, lawyer of Prime Minister spoke in front of the court, “My client should get the benefit of the doubt.” The Chief Justice stated that the chief executive has embarrassed himself and that he is disappointed to see the attempt made to influence the court through some points in the appeal.

He further clearly said, “If the prime minister writes the letter to Swiss authorities we will end contempt proceedings. The money in the Swiss banks belonged to the people of Pakistan.”

He also said that if the Prime Minister cannot write a letter to the Swiss authorities as per instructions of the court, he might as well dismiss the entire court and bring his party members to sit in their places and pass orders according to his own wishes.

 CJ further added, “We know how much struggle was done to restore the judiciary. We never bowed before anyone, including those who considered themselves powerful. We cannot understand why the prime minister is so rigidly against writing the letter.”

Chief Justice said that Prime Minister should have taken the initiative to open up Swiss cases himself instead of being pushed by the court and creating further issues over it.

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