Government announces re-tendering to ensure transparency

The government announced re-tender for the NFC to ensure transparency in the operations of the management and enhance people’s confidence.

The federal government made the declaration of conducting the re-tender for the National Feedlot Center (NFC) worth RM 250 million, Wednesday morning. One of the staff members of the PM, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, made the announcement with consent of the PM.

He responded to the controversy that the current contractor has breached the terms and conditions to avail the tender. He said that the only solution to this problem and to ensure the public that the management of their country is sincere and transparent, the tender for the NFC should be conducted again.

He said, “If the conditions have been breached, the Government can recall the loan. It is a constructive breach of trust if the money meant for the cattle industry is used for something else”.

The controversy on the contract started getting air when the 2010 Auditor-General’s report declared that the NFC was yet to complete the targets of the project as per the terms and conditions stated by the government.

Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the women, family and community development minister, is facing the controversy due to her husband Datuk Dr. Mohammad Salleh Ismail, who happens to be the executive chairman of NFC.

Nazri further stated that the minister does not need to resign from her position. She has nothing to do with the case so far. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating the case at the moment.

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  1. With the issue raised, I personally do not think people are really worry about the project at the moment but are more concern about a)whether the money is recoverable; b)what punishments to be taken against the people involved and c)how to prevent the same inccomment_IDent in future. Government can continue with the re-tendering, but it will not increase the faith of people in the government capability in handling the issue. Since the can of worm already opened up, let’s clean it right to the root!

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