No hope for the buried Pakistani soldiers

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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With every passing minute of the day, hope for rescuing the ice-buried Pakistani soldiers at the base camp in Siachen is fading away. The constant bad weather reports at the avalanche location on Monday have hampered the rescue operating taking place there by the military officials. A specialized team of altitude professionals from the United States have also landed in Pakistan on Monday to assist the army carrying out the rescue operation for the 100 soldiers trapped under ice.

The avalanche hit the military base on Sunday making it two days until now and not even a single body has been recovered. Specialists are expressing that there is little hope left for the survivors buried under the wall of ice, if there are any survivors. 

Expressing grave concerns over the worsening condition of the weather, one of the officials spoke to the media and said, “We had planned to transport some heavy machinery from Rawalpindi to Siachen but could not do so because of bad weather. We had arranged a C-130 cargo plane to lift some machinery up to the area, but bad weather did not allow the flight. It was a massive snow slide and looks like the rescue work will take days.”

The team of high altitude professionals from US which arrived on Sunday will now be taken to the location on Monday during the later hours as the weather gets a little better.

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