Islamist Mohammed Morsi be the leader of all Egyptians

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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On Sunday, Islamist Mohammed Morsi was announced the winner of the election and pledged to be the leader for all Egyptians closing the chaotic first phase of democratic shift since the dismissal of President Hosni Mubarak.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General congratulated Morsi and applauded the Egyptian public for the peaceful environment of their first free presidential election in the history.
Morsi was the country’s first elected leader who won 51.73% of the vote against ex-premier Ahmed Shafiq. Morsi said, “I will be a president for all Egyptians,” Morsi said after he was confirmed the winner. He added, “I call on you, great people of Egypt… to strengthen our national unity.” National unity “is the only way out of these difficult times”.

Martin Nesirky, the UN spokesman said that Ban “trusts that the President-elect will spare no effort in ensuring the people of Egypt realize their aspirations for greater democracy.” He also said in a statement that the UN chief “stresses the need to strengthen and build strong, independent institutions and to allow civil society to flourish.”

Joshua Stacher, an assistant professor of political science at Kent State University said, “Morsi’s thinking was to get a foothold in the presidency and to use some of the informal powers that come with it – being the figurehead – to try to slowly accumulate powers to offset the military council.” He added, “But what we have is a situation where the civilian, elected president will be taking the blame for Egypt’s continuing problems, while the military council is above such criticism. It has become king-like.”

In Cairo’s Tahrir Square, millions of Morsi supporters celebrated the symbolic heart of the uprising that brought down the Mubarak regime. Egyptian public waved flags and posters of the Islamist leader, who was jailed during last year’s uprising and chanted “God is greatest” and “down with military rule.”


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