Sorry Letter Brought Mother to Tears

The trial of the Malaysian couple accused of abusing their children in Sweden began this Tuesday, with the defence producing a letter in to the court, written by one of the couple’s children. ‘Mummy, I am sorry,’ wrote Ammar, 12, in the letter, further stating that ‘it was my anger that started this. I will always love you and nothing will change that.’ He ended the letter with PS I will always love you.

Shalwati was highly moved by the letter. Tears could be seen making their way to the edge of her eyes and she bowed her head low as her lawyer read the letter out loud to her. Ammar  is the second of the four children of Azizul Raheem, a Tourism Malaysia director in Stockholm and his wife Shalwati Nurshal, a school teacher. Shalwati’s counsel Kristofer Stahre stated it was highly difficult for Ammar to tolerate the pressure of being asked to help around the houseand this is what made him hateful towards his parents. He added that Ammar was an attention seeker and always tended to exaggerate his stories.

The trial is expected to last for another 10 days. Evidence in the case includes nine hours of police recordings with the couple’s children. After lunch break, the court was shown three video clips of their third child Arif, 7, being interviewed by police. The questions and answers were translated into English. Arif, although looking relaxed sometimes could not understand what was being asked and the questions had to be repeated or further paraphrased. The hearing still continues.

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