Movie Preview Neighbours

In todays scientific times it is difficult to believe in the presence of spirits, ghosts or for that matter VAMPIRES. It is impossible to imagine vampires in our world. But there was a time, an era between the 17th and 18th century where vampires did exist….blood sucking vampires in disguise of human form…Not only did they exist but they killed brutally and caused great terror among people. However, with great difficulty god fearing people managed to extinguish their presence.

One such incident took place in the hilly terrain of Kulbatta. Numerous villagers were being targeted by a blood sucking vampire Kapalika who had spread fear in the whole area. Inspector Vikrant was the officer in charge of that area. He was an able officer gifted by Lord Shivas powers. With his rare powers he managed to overpower Kapalika and he put an end to those brutal killings. He managed to kill Kapalika, but he was not aware that Kapalika was not alone. She had an evil accomplice, Aaka who was equally powerful and vengeful.

After a few months Aaka managed to get Inspector Vikrant's sister, Tanya who lived in the city kidnapped. He performed some evil practices on her and managed to enter Kapalikas evil spirit into her body. Kapalika once again, came alive but in Tanyas body. The vampires were back…this time, among us in the city. They relentlessly started spreading their fear. They were on a killing spree. In the city, these vampires made their abode opposite Sanam's house. Nobody believed Sanam when she said that her neighbours are not normal…they are eerie scary people..Nobody believed the truth when Sanam said that her neighbours were not VAMPIRES…neither her family nor her friends…Even her professor didn't pay attention to her. Every night an innocent scream was heard, every night an innocent life was lost, every night was a night of death… Caused by Sanam's new NEIGHBOURS…THE VAMPIRES.

How will these brutal murders end? Who and How will stop these blood sucking vampires? How will the word of god wipe out the forces of Evil?

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