SM Krishna’s faux pas: It Happens – Bade Bade Desho Mein!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Krishna is not perturbed by the hoopla surrounding his recent faux pas. It’s not his fault. He had seen DDLJ and endorses the thought – bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai. In this context he pointed out that the US, where he made the gaffe, is almost three times larger than India.
“There were many speeches lying in front of me. All look same in the beginning. It happens,” he said.
Only thing surprising – when Krishna went to the airport he would have seen so many departure gates, all looking similar, how did he find the correct one?
There would have been so many seats on the aircraft, all looking same, how did he find the correct one?
While on way to UN, all skyscrapers looked same, how did he find the UN building?
On the elevators, all floors would have looked the same, how did he find the correct one?
Well – very easy. He had mugged up everything. A la Chatur Ramalingan. Krishna had been lucky to mug up things & procedures and get away with it all these years.
But luck too can play pranks !
He had instructed his speech writer to write the shortest speech. He had memorized the fact that he just needs to pick up shortest looking speech from the table. Unfortunately, Portuguese minister had an even smaller speech and Krishna’s luck did a Rancho on him.
It was a balatkar of our image at the world stage. "It happens", he shrugged. It’s not his fault he never saw 3 Idiots. 
It happens (only in India? Nope, Obama too read a wrong speech last year!).

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  1. I think these people are mechanical robots… they don’t have their brains… it seem that he dcomment_IDn’t even bothered for reading the speech once in advance. Even the child in a kinder garden will rarely do this kind of mistak.

  2. He is the dumbest minister India has had till comment_date!!! May be he should be given an award for topping in the dumbness category!!!

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