Air Australia abandons hundreds people at the airport

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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One of the aircrafts of Air Australia was grounded Friday morning as it did not have sufficient money to pay for its fueling, leaving the 300 passengers in absolute chaos.

The administrators of Air Australia are trying to sell the non-profit company as thousands of passengers are left to make backup arrangements. Sheer chaos broke at the Phuket Airport today when Air Australia refused to take the 300 passengers since the carrier was not flying.

The airport soon transformed into fish market when all 300 passengers tried to make arrangements to fly out as soon as possible. Long lines outside Air Australia agent offices with passengers shouting questions, jam-packed internet cafes, and queues outside other airline offices was the sight of Phuket Airport within minutes.

Passengers desperate to get out of the Thailand Island were ready to pay $1000 extra to get the earliest flight back to Australia. Air Australia caters to international destinations of Phuket, Honolulu, and Bali.

Amy Simpsons from Werribee, 24, wrote on an online portal of a newspaper saying, “The plane was due out at 7.30pm and we were told at first about 6.30pm that it would be delayed until 8pm due to minor difficulties. Every hour or so there were further delays. Eventually close to midnight we were told we would not be flying."

As per media information, passengers stuck in Thailand are still trying to get their hands on alternate flights with chunks of additional money. However, none of the staff members of flight VC241 has booked a flight out.

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