Government is at war with itself, says Abbott

Opposition leader Tony Abbott remarks that the federal government is suffering due to the leadership war within the Labor party and proposed fresh elections.

Various rumors say that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has made his arrangements to overthrow Ms. Julia Gillard for the leadership of the Labor Party. He has 40 out of a total of 52 votes to do so and he is planning his move sometime before the next financial year.

Abbott spoke to the media while supporting the campaign of the LPN leader Campbell Newman in Brisbane, “Right now in Canberra the government is at war with itself. We’ve really got three Labor parties at the moment; we’ve got the Gillard Labor party, the Rudd Labor party and the neither Labor party.”

He further added that alongside the leadership issues, another giant problem lies in front of the government to which they are not paying attention to – the matter of policies. He said that the policies needed to be changed for development other than the presiding head.

“We’ve got to change the policies of the government, not just change the leader of the government. And the way to change policies is to change the government and have an election. I think the government of Australia is too important to be paralyzed while the faceless men try and decide who the leader should be,” said Abbott.

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