Abbott demands the release of HSU report

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The leader of opposition Tony Abbott has demanded that the Health Services Union (HSU) report prepared by Fair Work Australia be released immediately as all Australians have the right to view the contents of the report and find out if Craig Thomson has been consulted to the Director of Public Prosecution on Tuesday.

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has finally completed their three year investigation into the HSU national office and submitted their report to the DPP but has not publically released the contents of the report. The former Labor MP Craig Thomson has been accused of using the union credit card for cash withdrawal and prostitution purposes. He was the general secretary of the union from 2002 – 2007. Mr.  Thomson had refused to accept any of the allegations.

Mr. Abbott expressed his opinion on the hidden findings of the report and said that the more the contents of the report are kept hidden, the more suspicious the community gets as it clearly states that FWA is trying to hide the inefficiency of the government.

Mr. Abbott said, “Fair Work Australia must immediately release the full report detailing the findings of its investigation. The Australian public have a right to know if a member of the House of Representatives has been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The prime minister must state if she continues to have full confidence in Mr Thomson and must answer whether Mr Thomson is now the subject of a reference to the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

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