Thousands flee fires near Bordeaux


This article was last updated on July 13, 2022

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Campers by the thousands were forced to leave due to fires near a dune in Bordeaux.

Due to a neighbouring forest fire, five campsites next to Europe’s tallest dune have been evacuated. Approximately 1200 hectares of the Dune de Pilat nature reserve, which is about 60 kilometres from Bordeaux, have already been destroyed.

Last night, the word that they had to vacate the camping grounds woke up almost 6,000 campers. The evacuation was over at around five in the morning.

Among others, La Teste-de-Buch, a nearby municipality, saw the construction of a sports hall. An evacuated Dutchman at the AD claims that people could register there and that the Red Cross and army gave camp beds and water: “Each person had to enter their name and phone number to register.” The line was difficult. “Everyone was pretty worn out.

When the fire will be put out and visitors will be able to go back to their campsites is unknown. Furthermore, it is unknown how many Dutch people live nearby. According to the ANWB, no Dutch people who are in need have yet asked for help.

A broken-down car that caught fire is thought to have sparked the incident. Another fire that has already consumed 1600 hectares of natural habitat is blazing not far away. Ten firefighting planes and 800 firemen are actively battling the blaze. Tomorrow is France’s national holiday, but it is not permitted to light off fireworks in towns close to the fires.

Southwest France experiences high temperatures just like the rest of Europe. It is particularly challenging to put out the fire because of the ongoing drought and the strong winds.

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