Jony Ive and Apple part company

Jony Ive

This article was last updated on July 13, 2022

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Apple parted ways with the renowned designer and confidant of Steve Jobs, Jony Ive

The man responsible for the instantly identifiable designs of the iPhone, iMac, and iPad, erstwhile interior designer Jony Ive, and Apple have now officially ended their collaboration. According to The New York Times, after nearly three decades at Apple, the confidant of the late CEO Steve Jobs departed the company three years ago, but he stayed intimately linked with it through his own design firm, LoveFrom.

Ive left his prior firm after agreeing to a contract worth more than $100 million, making Apple his major client. As a condition of that agreement, he was not permitted to take on any task that Apple viewed as competition.

The newspaper reports that the decision to end the collaboration was made recently. Apple’s expensive contract and desire to take on clients without Apple’s consent would have raised concerns in the senior management of Apple. The fact that some Apple designers have moved to IBM would also have irritated people.

Ive, who had long worked closely with Steve Jobs, reportedly had issues with the way former CEO Tim Cook operated Apple, according to earlier sources who spoke to the media. Ive would have thought that Cook’s strategy put too much emphasis on sustaining and expanding Apple’s company and not enough on technological innovation.

As a designer who joined Apple in 1992, Ive later joined Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as one of the company’s most well-known alumni. He created the well-known colourful iMac with its rounded forms in 1997, when Apple was on the verge of going bankrupt.

The white iPod earphones were another well-known creation of Ive’s. He has made important changes to the design of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. He has also helped Apple’s touchscreen technology get better.

The initial iPod was released in 2001.

Ive had a key role in Apple’s hardware design, but he also later led the software design team, leaving his mark on the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad, for instance.

He also contributed to the iMac’s design in 1998. This is how that computer was introduced:

Although it appears that Itime ve’s at Apple is finally over, there is little likelihood that his designs will be forgotten in the near future. His design firm, LoveFrom, counts household names like Airbnb and Ferrari among its clientele.

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