Berlin forest fire

berlin forest fire

This article was last updated on August 4, 2022

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Following an explosion at a weapons depot Berlin forest fire starts.

Grunewald woodland in Berlin has been hit by an enormous forest fire. Explosives have gone off, igniting a section of the woodland.

According to the Berlin fire department, the blaze is still out of control.

“It is not under control,” said a forest fire official following an explosion at an ammo stockpile.

According to RBB, the fire department has more than 100 workers on the scene and has discovered four fires. Water cannons are used to fight two of these fires.

Water stations have been set up by the fire department all around the restricted area. If the fire spreads, emergency responders will be able to put out the flames.

A fire department spokesman claims that because the nearest residences are 2 kilometres away, the surrounding residential zones are safe. People living in the area are urged to keep their windows and doors shut. The area’s train and automobile traffic will also be rerouted.

Due to the dryness, wildfires have also broken out in other parts of Germany. During the month of June, for example, Brandenburg, Germany, was devastated by an enormous forest fire.

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