Nick Viergever is back with Utrecht

Nick Viergever

This article was last updated on August 4, 2022

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Despite his lack of championship experience, Nick Viergever is back with Utrecht in search of an all-time record.

The likes of Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland were among the players he faced in Germany. Michiel Kramer and company will be waiting for him at RKC Waalwijk’s Mandemakers Stadium on Saturday.

After a year in the Bundesliga with SpVgg Greuther Fürth, Nick Viergever has returned to the Eredivisie, this time with FC Utrecht. He even rises to the rank of captain while there.

It was a pleasure to participate in it. With so many teams and so many stadiums, it’s little wonder the Bundesliga has such a great atmosphere.

His time in Germany, as recounted by Nick Viergever,

In the words of Viergever, “Utrecht came up with a solid and good tale.” “I was drawn in by the club’s aspirations.” I could have stayed and waited for a Bundesliga club, but it felt nice to be out of the league. My family had no trouble making the decision. In Rotterdam, close to my extended family and friends,

With Greuther Fürth, Viergever was demoted from the Bundesliga last season. At the end of December, the Bavarian club won for the first time, beating Union Berlin at home (1-0). Additionally, this was the club’s first-ever home win in the top level of German football.

Viergever believes that Greuther Fürth, who is used to playing in the Second Bundesliga, “was not ready for the Bundesliga.” In the first half of the season, we were likewise overly nave and performed terribly. There was a strong second half of the season; nevertheless, it came too late. “

Viergever says, “Away against Bayern, we were still leading 1-0 at half-time.” “After Lewandowski’s goal right before halftime, the score remained 4-1. Because of the corona, the stadium was a bit empty, but it was still fun to see. Despite its size, the Bundesliga has gorgeous stadiums, vibrant crowds, and fiercely loyal supporters. “

This was Viergever’s second demotion in his professional career. It was the second time that Kevin Strootman and Marten de Roon had been included in the squad after the Sparta match in 2010.

It was not necessary for Viergever to be concerned about relegation throughout a significant portion of his playing career. From 2010 to 2014, he played for AZ, and then from 2014 to 2018, he played for Ajax and PSV (2018–2021). But at the top of the list, a bitter truth emerged. Viergever did not win a championship with any of those teams when he was playing for them all. Is Viergever’s curse real?

Regardless of my feelings, this is not about me. A champion team isn’t made by me; it’s made by other people, “Viergever says. I’m not thinking about it in terms of myself. It’s a real pain. I have to deal with the fact that it keeps coming back to mind. Several times, I was on the verge of passing out. The most heartbreaking moment was when we fell short against Ajax on the last day.

Viergever refers to the 1-1 draw against De Graafschap in 2016, which meant that PSV, which won at PEC Zwolle, won the title. With Mike van der Hoorn as a battering ram in the last phase, Ajax’s Viergever formed a centre tandem at the rear in Doetinchem on that day.

Viergever reunites with an old teammate at FC Utrecht. Last year, following stints at Swansea City and Arminia Bielefeld, he returned to FC Utrecht. Friendship with Van der Hoorn helped make Viergever’s coming to the Domstad feasible.

Viergever believes “he undoubtedly played a part in that.” We’ve been in touch for a long time, and we get along great. They include women and their families. Beforehand, I inquired about the existence of the club. It’s always useful to have this information at hand. If he decides to stay, for instance. In the end, he does.

Bas Dost, a seasoned old friend, was also there. We were all in the same class at Jong Oranje, and we all went to the same school, “explains Viergever. “Even with the addition of Orange (in 2017 against Morocco, ed.). “It’s so lovely to be able to play here with you,” we remarked to each other. “That’s an interesting notion.” It’s as though you’re reliving the past together. “

Viergever’s reunion would be complete if Strootman returned to Utrecht. Olympique Marseille have a deal with the 32-year-old midfielder, who Viergever used to play with at Sparta, until the middle of 2023.

“He’s a kind man. We’re no longer in touch, but I’ll keep an eye out for him. He’s returning to Italy, I believe. He’s done well in the south for a long time now. He’s now a quarter Italian. “

As a native of Capelle aan den IJssel, Viergever wants to stay close to home. Henk Fraser, the current coach of FC Utrecht and also a former Spartan, is working to get the club into European competition.

Then there’s a stat to be proud of, as well. In most European bouts, Danny Blind and Willy van de Kerkhof were among Viergever’s opponents for a Dutch club. In total, the three of them attended 84 European games. There is still one more to go, and Viergever will have to settle for second place.

He exclaims, “That’s a fact to pursue!” Viergever is delighted about this.

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